Artists — Gudrun Gut

Gudrun Gut's CV is an eclectic one, spanning a wide range of media and collaborations.

While still a student at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin (1978-84) Gut first came to prominence in the early eighties as part of a scene the media dubbed "ingenious dilettantes". A member of Mania D (with Bettina Koester and Beate Bartel) and an early incarnation of Einstürzende Neubauten she soon formed successful eighties all-female art rock band, "MALARIA!" with Bettina Koester, then touring Europe and the USA with a 5 piece line up including Manon P.Duursma, Susanne Kuhnke, Christine Hahn. "Malaria!" is still talked about and even reached the charts in 2001 via a "Kaltes Klares Wasser" remix by "ChicKs on Speed", incidentally.

In the late eighties Gut was part of three..

Gut Und Irmler 500m Bureau B
LP+CD: 19,99 €
CD: 16,99 €
Gudrun Gut Wildlife Monika Enterprise
LP: 14,99 €
CD: 13,99 €
incl. instant DL
Gudrun Gut Best Garden EP Monika Enterprise
12”: 7,99 €
incl. instant DL
Gudrun Gut In Pieces Monika Enterprise
12”: 7,49 €
incl. instant DL
Davies/Gut Miasma 3 Moabit Musik
CDEP: 7,99 €
incl. instant DL
Malaria! Cheerio Moabit Musik
CD: 13,99 €
incl. instant DL

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