Artists — Karaoke Kalk

sweet sounds from the "schäl sick", der wrong side of the rhine: since 1997 karaoke kalk, named after the proletarian cologne suburbia of kalk, has been releasing wonderful electronic sounds beyond the clishes: label boss thorsten lütz likes to sit on the fence, creating his own niche for music next to the competing camps of post-glitch (a musik, mouse on mars and sonig) and minimal techno (the kompakt people, you name them). who have been dominating the electronic music scene in cologne like it seems for for ages.
in the last couple of releases you can feel some growing interest in "pop" sensibility as well as in accoustic intruments: marcus schmickler aka pluramon recorded, with a little help from the last of the divas, julee cruise, some of the most intriguing noise pop of the..