Houndstooth HTH026
  • 2LP: 180 gr. vinyl, Ltd.
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18+, Boy and Sis, have operated since 2011, evolving through several media formats of music, performance and visuals which graphically explore identity, gender, sex and morality.

The sound of 18+ has bewitched its audience, sonics which are at once over-bearing and subtle, the delicate voice of Sis spitting sweet nothings over fucked-up beats and hooks which permanently hack their way into your subconscious. Their mixtapes have existed in the internet's dark underbelly.

Hunted by Prada to soundtrack campaign videos, 18+ have been performing unique shows in art galleries across the globe and will be doing select shows in the last quarter of 2014.

18+: Trust

All The Time 18+
Midnight Lucy 18+
Club God 18+
Crow 18+
Jets 18+
Drawl 18+
Forgiven 18+
Dry 18+
Almost Leaving 18+
OIXU 18+
Cake 18+
Nectar 18+
Son 18+
Iawa 18+

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