Tide Ripples

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  • CD: 4 panel recycled card package, ltd. to 500 copies
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In many ways ASUNA is the archetypal Home Normal artist: playful, inventive, organic in approach, and really rather wild. In 2012, in collaboration with the mighty Chihei Hatakeyama, he released 'Scale Compositions' on Home Normal. It was a humbling experience and the beautiful live drone works really highlighted just how minimal yet deep the work of these two fine artists could be. ASUNA's latest work is a completely different beast. In collaboration with the beautiful vocals of Rima Kato, 'Tide Ripples' is a melodic and playful use of guitar with minimal effects.

ASUNA: Tide Ripples

Her Fringe, Ferris Wheel, Ruins Of Twisted Yarn ASUNA 22'48''
Midnight Snow, Street Lights, Window Of Empty Building ASUNA 22'39''

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