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Six piece Tuareg rock outfit from Southern Algeria. Hands down the most famous Tuareg band listened to across the diaspora, though unknown in the West. An independent album, recorded and produced in-country without the mediation of the world music industry. Classic rock aesthetic, soulful ballads and polished uptempo driving electric guitar rhythms, with a myriad of global influences from pitch bending North African synth, reverbed drenched dub, and even Indian Tabla! One of the most complex studio albums from any Tuareg guitar band to date. Plays best in a Land Cruiser, blasting across the open desert.

Afous D'afous: Tenere

Nak Amahah Afous D'afous
Houlaghine Akalin Afous D'afous
Tenere Afous D'afous
Tarhanine Tegla Afous D'afous
Wiyad Hallen Afous D'afous
Dounya Hi Afous D'afous
Arhegh Danagh Afous D'afous
Amidinine Afous D'afous
Imarhanin Afous D'afous

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