City vs. Mountain

Software SFT 003
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Airbird is the solo project from Joel Ford, bassist of Tigercity and one half of Ford & Lopatin. After a split-cassette release with Megafortress on The Curatorial Club, Ford releases Airbird’s first single, City Vs. Mountains on his own label Software. On lead track “City Vs. Mountains,”ç cicadas buzz as Airbird exits Babylon on his computer funk quest back to nature. This 12? is a road dog that packs a lot of punch. Get lost in the production intricacies or don’t and z o n e. There’s a remarkable clarity in the vocals that distinguishes Airbird from the contemporary murk pack, opting to actually belt in a manner befitting of early 80s McCartney or Paddy McAloon. If side A is a night of driving, “Rotating Cloud”ç marks the day’s return with sparse, delicate high register melodies and pulses which gradually give way to a midi locked safari of wildlife house. Enter zookeeper Al Carlson, Software’s engineer & mix guy yes ”” but he also packs a gnarly Alphabet City avant RIPPP when he wants to, and on multiple saxes.

Airbird: City vs. Mountain

City Vs. Mountains Airbird 5'25''

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