Andrew Pekler

Tristes Tropiques

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'Tristes Tropiques' – named after & dealing with Claude Lévi-Strauss' landmark ethnographic writing of the same name – is an album of "synthetic exotica & pseudo-ethnographic music". Sounding like the field recording from an imaginary landscape, Tristes Tropiques deals with the meaning of Exotica & ethnographic recordings (without using them) as well as with cultural categories like "Otherness". As smart as it is, it's also totally stunning, free-floating music, RIYL Dolphins Into The Future or Jan Jelinek.

Andrew Pekler: Tristes Tropiques

Feeback TT Andrew Pekler 3'00''
Mirror Structures Andrew Pekler 2'22''
Humidity Index / Khao Sok (Chopped and Screwed) Andrew Pekler 5'47''
Cool Symmetries / Ascending Vortices Andrew Pekler 3'31''
Bororo Andrew Pekler 3'18''
A Savage Topography Andrew Pekler 3'46''
Mirror Structures (Mirrored) Andrew Pekler 3'28''
Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In The Canopy Andrew Pekler 10'47''

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