Angel Olsen

Strange Cacti

Bathetic BATH 040
  • LP: 2016 Repress
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St. Louis native ANGEL OLSEN has cut her teeth in Chicago the past four years crafting her music into a sincere form of folk music entirely her own. Taking influences from past artists such as Amalia Rodrigues, Timi Yuro and Helen Shapiro, as well as Persian and Turkish folk, Olsen creates something more than just run-of-the-mill “indie folk.” Her music is a true emotional release: sincere and honest. Recently, Olsen has spent time on the road and working with Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) and The Cairo gang.

Angel Olsen: Strange Cacti

Tiniest Lights Angel Olsen
If It's Alive, It Will Angel Olsen
So That We Can Be Still Angel Olsen
Drunk & With Dreams Angel Olsen
Some Things Cosmic Angel Olsen
Creator, Destroyer Angel Olsen

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