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The culmination of four years writing and editing, Anjou marks the first collaboration between Labradford's Robert Donne and Mark Nelson since the release of that group's "fixed:context" LP.

Combining modular synthesis, Max/MSP programming and live instrumentation, Anjou deftly weaves noise with gentle ambience and melody with texture. Guitar, bass and Steven Hess' (Locrian, Fennesz, Pan American) live percussion give the eight pieces an immediacy and create a framework for the more abstract sounds of digital and analog synth programming.

The product of twenty plus years of friendship, Anjou is refined and challenging.An extension of the Labradford sound-world but no mere victory lap, Anjou represents Donne and Nelson stepping out and forward, their eyes firmly focusing on the future.

Anjou: Anjou

Lamptest Anjou
Sighting Anjou
Specimen Question Anjou
Readings Anjou
Inclosed Anjou
Adjustment Anjou
Backsight Anjou
Fieldwork Anjou

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