Rough Trade RTRAD823
  • LP : 180gr Vinyl, incl. CD
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Antony Hegarty of Anthony & The Johnsons is now Anohni. But the topic of her new album (that was produced by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never) is not gender and / or identity, but politics. OPN and Mohawke both did a good job here, but in the core this is not the dance album as which it is promoted. Hopelesseness is mainly about Anohni's singing, her lamentating, accusing, mourning and - of course - her lack of hope when confronted with the state of the modern world. And yes, this is a mad world. But when it comes to politics, Anohni prefers to keep things simple. So simple, it sometimes hurts: America is an evil empire and Obama is it's evil emperor, one that tortures, kills & hunts whistleblowers. He did not stop climate change as well. Sometimes these topics turn into self-destructive, erotic desires of Anohni's poetic personas, but in other parts this record feels just too ideoligical and clumsy. File under well-produced anti-imperialist future classic.

Anohni: Hopelessness

Drone Bomb Me Anohni
4 DEGREES Anohni
Watch Me Anohni
Execution Anohni
I Don't Love You Anymore Anohni
Obama Anohni
Violent Men Anohni
Why Did You Separate Me from the Earth Anohni
Crisis Anohni
Hopelessness Anohni
Marrow Anohni

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