Acid Oscillations

Italic ITA084
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On his new 12 inch vinyl Acid Oscillations, Antonelli aka Stefan Schwander from Düsseldorf presents two new warehouse movers with raw old-school power. With its core electronic squelch sounds synthesized through experimental use of analog sequencers and the machine-like drums surrounded by swinging basslines, Acid Oscillations revels in a repetitive and hypnotic style. The Groove Of All Grooves differs from the emerging styles of today’s house music in that it is starkly personal. Very sparing arranged around a typical Chicago bassline and generally rougher sounding than the mainstream, it was created in conjunction with the more underground and specialized club scene. Turn up the bass!

Antonelli: Acid Oscillations

Acid Oscillations Antonelli 8'25''
The Groove Of All Grooves Antonelli 7'19''

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