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ITALIC would like to announce ANTONELLI's new album "Soulkiller". It is Stefan Schwander's aka ANTONELLI's 6th album and was produced using analogue drummachines, synthesizers and sequencers only and recorded live without any overdubs onto an old-school TAPE recorder. The result is amazing: ANTONELLI's House music on "Soulkiller" is so incredibly rough and emotional that it reminds of the Garage Rock from the "Stooges". And the tracks sound as if "ESG" was doing cover versions of "Moodymann". Moreover, you will find flamboyant Pop references, from "Bohannon" to "Terry Hall". The first single release taken from this album is the track "Hamilton".

Antonelli: Soulkiller

Soulkiller (Original Version) Antonelli 7'19''
When Terry Sings (Original Version) Antonelli 5'20''
Claps Unlimited (Original Version) Antonelli 6'10''
The Arrival (Original Version) Antonelli 6'27''
Hamilton (Original Version) Antonelli 7'09''
Ensemble Of Eight (Original Version) Antonelli 5'37''
Cold Entertainment! (Original Version) Antonelli 7'01''
The Exotist (Original Version) Antonelli 6'54''

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