Ashrae Fax

Static Crash

Mexican Summer MEX 159
  • LP: Includes download, ltd. numbered edition of 1,000 silk screened jackets.
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Sometimes the greatest bands arrive from the most unlikely of places and slightest of circumstances. Sometimes, even less. “We came from nothing,” says ASHRAE FAX vocalist RENEE MENDOZA, now a full decade removed from the release of their final work, Static Crash. “We were art kids growing up in a town that didn’t have shit in it.” Yet that stagnation brought Mendoza together with producer and guitarist ALEX CHESNEY for a partnership driven by the desire to create, and ultimately destroy, through the power of their music. Static Crash is magic, one of the most gorgeous collections of Gothic ethereal pop/noise of its kind to rise from the American underground in decades. One could easily believe its origin to be from 1983, or 1993, or even 2013. But its 2003 release found few takers, outside of a small but dedicated local following. At a time when rock & roll was obnoxiously forcing its way back from the morass of pre-millennial digital aimlessness and DJ culture - and at the same time was being fought on the other side by the glitzy shallowness of electroclash - Ashrae Fax was finding ways to inject warmth and confidence into a mothballed musical form. Its eight songs take chances that most all had forgotten about, delving into the solitary power of Kate Bush, the esoteric directions of groups like Dif Juz or the Durutti Column, and the brash iconoclasm of prime-era Siouxsie & The Banshees, ballasted by stretches of ambient interlude and ear-damaging chaos. Limited numbered edition of 1,000 silk screened jackets. Vinyl includes download code.

Ashrae Fax: Static Crash

Unndup Ashrae Fax 1'23''
Daddystitch Ashrae Fax 3'01''
Pointbreak Ashrae Fax 4'29''
Ultravaca Ashrae Fax 5'10''
Uprlxrq Ashrae Fax 1'00''
Armpit Ashrae Fax 3'36''
Dynamite Dust Ashrae Fax 3'45''
Ectome Ashrae Fax 4'18''

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