Aymeric De Tapol

Les Horizons

Vlek Vlek 19
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On Les Horizons, his second release on Vlek Records, Brussels resident Aymeric de Tapol delivers 7 tracks that explore his love of ghostly drones and proto-techno pulses. Enigmatic, dark yet comfortable, these pieces shed light on another side of his already large pallet of creative zones.

"Stretching your neck and ears to help you hear where exactly the horizon lies. The play of light on the surface of a lake, at the end of a day or at the very edge between earth and sky all become audible through Aymeric's very detailed evocations. The things happening at that boundary become attractions in their own right, a green incandescence that make you listen closer and closer until the scintillation of the aural image comes to a halt at the end of the night."

Aymeric De Tapol: Les Horizons

ROUTE A - 4H23 Aymeric De Tapol
ROUTE A - Un Mirage Aymeric De Tapol
ROUTE A - Les Horizons Aymeric De Tapol
ROUTE B - Le Lac Aymeric De Tapol
ROUTE B - Rayon Vert Aymeric De Tapol
ROUTE B - Les Attractions Aymeric De Tapol
ROUTE B - Fin de Soirée Aymeric De Tapol

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