Azure Blue

Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt / Rule Of Thirds

Anna Logue Records ANNA049LP
  • 2LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, 180 gr. black vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve.
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AZURE BLUE is the retro-modern synthpop project from Tobias Isaksson (Irene, Laurel Music and Hybris record label), from Stockholm, Sweden, co-produced by studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist Claes Björklund (playing with Travis and who's recorded everyone from A-ha to Ron Sexsmith). On the 'anna/logue' side of things they used a beautiful list of gear on the new album, namely Korg MS-10, Moogerfooger, Oberheim DX, Roland Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, RE-301 Chorus Echo, SH-101, RS-101 as well as Fender Jazzmaster, Telecaster and Vox Neumann U67, only parts of making that special sound. Releasing this music is a dream come true, and Anna thinks there is hardly a person with a beating heart that would not love AZURE BLUE, so do yourself a favour and get this high quality double vinyl package with beautiful high quality music.

“His touch is tender and light, and the album’s best songs always swing to the sky, riding up on decades of learning from drum machines and tangled relationships” The Fader (USA)

Azure Blue: Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt / Rule Of Thirds

Time Is On Our Side Azure Blue
The Road I Know Azure Blue
Willows And Pines Azure Blue
Sunrise Azure Blue
When The Love Is Pure And True Azure Blue
Sunset Azure Blue
Do Not Go Gentle Azure Blue
The Bitter End Azure Blue
By Your Side Azure Blue
Beyond The Dreams Azure Blue
Rule Of Thirds Part 1 Azure Blue
Rule Of Thirds Part 2 Azure Blue

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