BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow

Hyperdub HDB15358
  • CD: Oversized plastic case
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The music (as well as the art) of Dean Blunt always raised questions. And Blunt always avoided to answer them. With his new 'band' (is it a band at all?), Blunt has made a 90s HipHop-infected album, that also harks back to the dubby and pop informed sounds of his last solo album. Arca has produced three tracks, (you heard 'Meditation' last year') that are highlighted because of it's different production style. Pirate-radio style, the whole album is 'hosted' by DJ Escrow, who appeared on various Blunt-mixtapes already, but might also be an Alter Ego of Blunt (pitched voice, slightly different accent). As always with Blunt, we can never be sure what is happening and who's talking. This of course also goes for the lyrics. And while Escrow gives shouts to the streets, Blunt's loops sometimes evolve from 90s Hip Hop into pure white noise and back. Fantastic. (cb)

Babyfather: BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow

Stealth Intro Babyfather
Greezebloc Babyfather
Meditation Babyfather
Escrow Babyfather
Shook Babyfather
Motivation Babyfather
Platinum Cookies Babyfather
Esco Freestyle Babyfather
Stealth Babyfather
God Hour Babyfather
NAZ Babyfather
Juice Babyfather
Killuminatti Babyfather
Escrow 2 Babyfather
Deep Babyfather
Escrow 3 Babyfather
The Realness Babyfather
Flames Babyfather
Snm Babyfather
Stealth Outro Babyfather
Message Babyfather

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