Bambounou / Margaret Dygas

See You Soon / Popular Religions

50 Weapons 50WEAPONS044
  • 12” : 180gr. Vinyl
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From the 50Weapons R.I.P.-Series.
We tap the Franco-Polish Connection fo the fourth RIP single: A Bambounou / Margaret Dygas Split 12"! 50WEAPONS is very excited to welcome the renowned Perlon artist to our guest roster, and her track "Popular Religions" merges the minimal asthaetics of her sound with ours in a fantastic way! Bambounou bids farewell with the bubbly "See You Soon", a perfect match to Margaret's track.

Bambounou / Margaret Dygas: See You Soon / Popular Religions

See You Soon Bambounou / Margaret Dygas
Popular Religions Bambounou / Margaret Dygas

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