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Barker & Baumecker take Turns from techno, bass, breaks, and experimental terrain with their second album on Ostgut Ton.
Sam Barker and Andreas Baumecker’s lives have always revolved around different kinds of music. That’s partly why their productions as Barker & Baumecker are more unpredictable, harder to pin down than what you might expect from a label borne out of a techno club. And while their music is clearly built for dancing, listening to it reveals a deep love and respect for many forms of electronic music – bonding over more experimental dance forms is what brought them together in the first place. Imagining their music at any decent club, but disrupting the flow on the floor is what brings us to their second album Turns. An amalgamation of their unique musical minds, transcending electronic music genres and styles, while further developing and refining the Barker & Baumecker sound aesthetic.

Barker & Baumecker: Turns

Senden Barker & Baumecker
Encipher Barker & Baumecker
Decipher Barker & Baumecker
Club Entropicana Barker & Baumecker
Technogate Barker & Baumecker
Turnhalle Barker & Baumecker
Nocturnal Barker & Baumecker
Statik Barker & Baumecker

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