Moments in Shapeshifting

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Though you might not have come across him before, New England’s Lee Tindall has been a mainstay of the local noise/electronic scene for some time. Working as Zerfallt and Belarisk, and in a variety of groups (including Astronaut with a certain Daniel Lopatin), Tindall has been perfecting what he calls “Hy-Fy mutant music” for a decade, working on the fringes of a sound that has slipped in and out of focus.

Moments In Shapeshifting is Tindall’s most fully-realized release to date, bringing together his interest in abrasive noise, abstract electronics and haunting ambience. It follows a long spell in a maze of his own confusion, navigating the labyrinth of corporate tech support hell to reach complete mental and physical exhaustion. The tracks came together from vivid dreams and nightmares during this time, as Tindall embraced the negativity of the New England mindset, crafting the songs as an escape or moment of clarity.

Referencing ‘80s sci-fi and body horror, the album concerns itself with duality, betrayal and paranoia - many of the tracks have more than one title and some pivot mid-way through, shifting focus and transforming completely. As Tindall fixated on dreams, surrealist art and fiction, the nature of rural New England landscape gave him something tangible to reflect on, and the result is a beguiling collection of tracks that flow into each other without fixating on a certain genre or other.

At times reminiscent of Tim Hecker’s dense ambience and at others closer to M.E.S.H. or Oneohtrix Point Never, Moments In Shapeshifting offers an enticing distortion of reality - a cracked mirror for us to gaze into and obsess over. It might be the most human electronic record of the year.

Belarisk: Moments in Shapeshifting

Disfolding {Ganzfeld} Belarisk 4'36''
Cyraxi Quarx'th {Ve Nims III} Belarisk 3'57''
The Knot That Tied Itself Belarisk 2'53''
Belewe Moon Belarisk 6'27''
Erase All Trace {Wait To Rot} Belarisk 3'59''
The Hand That Bit Itself {Geist} Belarisk 6'07''
Ponakin {White Thorn} Belarisk 4'29''
Mirror Immortal Belarisk 3'48''
Window Painted Over Belarisk 7'01''
Ruined Rig {Contaminated} Belarisk 3'38''

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