Beyond Serious EP

Warp Records WAP397
  • 12”: Includes download
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Bibio follows up last year's A Mineral Love album with this fresh four-tracker. While references have been made to the influence of French house on the UK producer's sound, Beyond Serious sounds more like he is re-interpreting Herbert's house sound. Working with vocalist Olivier St. Louis (Bibio's answer to Herbert's muse, Dani Siciliano?), the treated, manipulated vocal tones move in and out of glitchy rhythms on "Turn It All Down" and the swinging groove of "Fix This Thang". Like Herbert, there is also an underlying pop sensibility pervading Bibio's work, and on the wonderous "Beyond My Eyes", warm, trippy synths underpin St. Louis' soulful tones.

Bibio: Beyond Serious EP

This Ain't About The Feelings Bibio
Beyond My Eyes Bibio
Turn It All Down Bibio
Fix This Thang Bibio

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