Blood Music

Blood Music EP

Diagonal Diagonal 003
  • 12”: Red Transparent Vinyl, Silkscreened PVC Sleeve
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Having established the label with a brace of his own killer 12”s, Oscar Powell opens up the Diagonal books to welcome in Blood Music, a band led by Londoner Simon Pomery. ‘Rare Earth Project’ is incantatory, industrial-tinged rock, plain and simple, driven by rolling hellhound toms and toxic clouds of feedback - think Factory Floor crossbred with Shellac, building to a hypnotic climax suggestive of Faust or Can at their most committedly deranged. ‘Speak Like Violence’’s grungey guitar squall and dead-eyed motorik momentum amount to a straight-up tribute to A Thousand Leaves-era Sonic Youth, Pomery’s sneered vocal oddly Kim Gordon-esque, before unravelling into a thunderous, atavistic percussion mantra of real hallucinatory clout, live kit fills raging against sequenced lines in a manner reminiscent of Powell’s own shunting technobilly drum-funk. Two short drone pieces round out a bold and unexpected 12” for Diagonal.

Blood Music: Blood Music EP

Rare Earth Material Blood Music
Infinite Process 1 Blood Music
Speak Like Violence Blood Music
Infinite Process 2 Blood Music

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