Blood Music

Chicks / Badgering

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London-based artist Simon Pomery makes an emphatic return to Diagonal with the Taiko fire of ‘Chicks’, the brutal percussive workout of ‘Badgering’ and a hardcore remix from Luke Younger — a.k.a. HELM. On this long-gestated follow-up to 2013’s eponymous EP, the Blood Music project continues to rage, syncing Taiko-inspired drumming patterns with vicious metal guitar dissonance and contact mic haptics.

‘Chicks’ runs at an over-stepping, febrile EBM heart rate, pelting modular palpitations made alongside Russell Haswell against walls of guitar feedback-as-melody, coming up like an oikish Keiji Haino having illicit craic with his axe. Although this is leather and denim, steel and cocaine — late ‘80s Belgian muscle-tech meets Swans with contact mics — the track retains a sense of humour: according to Pomery, it’s about little, fluffy baby chicks. Hmmm.

The shorter drone piece ‘Sharking’ sees Pomery forging an underwater world from junk and the rabid tones of a homemade contact mic on a drum.
In ‘Badgering’, he reengages the ‘floor by improvising squabbling electronics around a rowdy drum tattoo and bugged out vocal glitch. Corrupted memories of Endless-era Pan Sonic and strobing Bunker acid parties regress the listener/dancer into a dazed, primitive state — bruxist ecstasy enshrined in blood around the mouth.

For the remix, Luke Younger [Helm] reimagines the techno cravings of the original, using electro- acoustic phasing to bring forward the original Taiko inspiration, and close off proceedings in devastating fashion.

Blood Music: Chicks / Badgering

Chicks Blood Music
Sharking Blood Music
Badgering Blood Music
Chicks (Helm remix) Blood Music

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