Blue Angel Lounge

A Sea Of Trees

A Records AUK112CD
  • LP : 180 gr vinyl
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The Blue Angel Lounge sign to Anton Newcombe’s (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) label ‘A’ Recordings (Dirty Beaches, Dead Skeletons, KVB).
The band's 3rd studio album 'A Sea Of Trees' sees them blossom into its own, incorporating the experimentation of their most recent EP and Single releases (“Ewig” 2012, “Walls” 2013).From the very first moment of ‘A Sea Of Trees’, the epic opening track‘Winter’ wastes no time sonically detailing where the band has been. The bands weapons of choice, guitars coupled with harmonium and singer Nils Ottensmeyer’s powerful Nico’esque vocals culminate in genre-bending territory belonging to them alone. The album marks the bands first worldwide release via Anton Newcombe’s (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) ‘A’ Recording label. Mr. Newcombe joined The Blue Angel Lounge on stage in support of their last record, and most recently invited them to support them on The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s 2012 American tour to rave reviews.The Blue Angel Lounge formed in 2006, after meeting at school in their German village Hohenlimburg near the Rhine River. Led by singer Nils “O.” Ottensmeyer and Dennis Melster, the band took their name from the club in New York City that in the 1960’s offered Nico her first live performances in America. Nico and The Velvet Underground would remain an underlying influence on the band.

Blue Angel Lounge: A Sea Of Trees

Winter Blue Angel Lounge
Melloch Halb & Halb Blue Angel Lounge
Desolate Sands Blue Angel Lounge
Mutter Blue Angel Lounge
Woods (Sea Of Trees) Blue Angel Lounge
Walls Blue Angel Lounge
As Cold As The Moon Blue Angel Lounge
In Distance Blue Angel Lounge
Quartz Blue Angel Lounge
Plane Communication Blue Angel Lounge
The Pain You Got From Me Blue Angel Lounge

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