Bodi Bill

What EP

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Bodi Bill had an thrilling and intense summer. Playing shows in all different kinds of venues, from basement clubs to Festivals such as "Rock am Ring", from DIY-Blogs to MTV UK without any break. Therefore, they rewarded themselves with a small and at the same time big chunc of music. Picturing the sunset behind houses, the morning scent of a sleeping city and peace for the booming ears. A moment, which exists in a fragile twilight world.

Four extraordinary pieces of music serve as equipment for memorable moments and as a thank you gift for the past few weeks. They create a well-knowing smile, just before the ugliness of the city awakens and the commotion starts all over again.

Bodi Bill: What EP

What Bodi Bill 3'29''
I Like Holden Caulfield Featuring Bodi Bill 3'48''
Hotel (La Boum Fatale Remix) Bodi Bill 6'09''
Brand New Carpet (Pat Ferry Remix Bodi Bill 8'21''

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