Collapsed View

Digitalis Recordings DIGIV068
  • LP : Initial copies on white vinyl
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Sean Byrne’s Bugskull project returned in 2009 after a long hiatus with the Digitalis-released ‘Communication’. A few years later they released the acoustic curveball, ‘Strange Mountain’, on legendary Inland Empire label, Shrimper. We’re very happy that the proper follow-up to Communication has landed on the Digitalis shores again.

‘Collapsed View’ is a whimsical summer excursion through jaded forests and crystalline tides. On the plucked acoustic opener, “Heaven/California,” you’re gently dropped into Byrne’s hazy lair. The repetitive main dirge moves like molasses until you’re appropriately comatose. It’s a dizzying beginning that settles nicely into the bass crunch of “Olde Growth.” Forward movement in the form of a canned ramshackle beat underlines the drawn out leads that appear to floating in a puff of smoke. “Icarus Rising” steals the show with it’s jet propulsion bass line and psych-infused guitar leads. It’s an intoxicating combination that gets better with repeated listens.

Byrne breaks out all the stops on ‘Collapsed View,’ mutating gamelan-esque electronics into an oceanside romp on “Druids.” Hypnotic guitar swells wrap around the piece, elevating it onto a different plane. It begins the second side which, compared to the A-Side, is a meditative ambient affair. Saxophone lamentations puncuate the title track drawing a circle around a star-filled night in the middle of nowhere.

Bugskull: Collapsed View

Side A Bugskull
Side B Bugskull

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