Burial Hex

The Hierophant

Handmade Birds HB-068 CD
  • CD: Ltd. to 500 copies, digipack with matte varnish and gold accents
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The Hierophant is the final Burial Hex album, a project whose closure has been calculated from its inception. Burial Hex is a pioneer of the horror electronics movement and over the past decade has released albums on Cold Spring, Aurora Borealis, Brave Mysteries, Blackest Rainbow, and Turgid Animal. In 2009 he released an acclaimed split with Zola Jesus.

He’s spent the last few years honing what he’s come to describe as “horror electronics,” and his latest release – entitled The Hierophant – might be his bleakest offering to date..” - FACT Magazine

Burial Hex: The Hierophant

Winter Dawn Burial Hex
Final Love Burial Hex
The Hierophant Burial Hex
Never Dying Burial Hex
The Most Foolish Son is Always the Oldest One Burial Hex

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