Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People

Jealous Butcher JB 100
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An expanded edition of a CD of the same name. That disc - originally issued by Glitterhouse in 2000 - collected CALIFONE’s first two EPs, plus two new songs. Four more songs - unreleased outtakes from the final RED RED MEAT recording sessions - have been added here. Includes download!

Califone: Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People

On the Steeple with the Shakes (x-mas tigers) Califone 5'05''
Silvermine Pictures Califone 2'33''
Pastry Sharp Califone 4'32''
To Hush a Sick Transmission Califone 2'15''
Dime Fangs Califone 2'57''
Red Food Old Heat Califone 39''
Down the Eisenhower Sun up wt Mule Califone 6'10''
Electric Fence Califone 6'36''
St. Martha Let it Fold Califone 3'11''
Beneath the Yachtsman Califone 4'05''
Don't Let Me Die Nervous Califone 3'02''
Dock Boggs Califone 4'09''
To Hush a Sick Transmission (unedit) Califone 2'22''
When the Snakehandler Slips Califone 4'57''

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