Cevdet Erek


Subtext SUB023
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Ahead of his representing Turkey at this year’s Venice Biennale, Subtext present’s Istanbul based Cevdet Erek’s first full length LP: ‘Davul’. The title refers to the instrument performed by Erek, a large drum with many names, common from Eastern Europe to the Middle East, known variably as a daouli (Greek), tapan (Macedonian), dahol (Kurdish), or tabl (Arabic) to cite a few.

Erek plays the drum with his own unusual method, utilising a large soft mallet alongside various smaller implements to beat and distort the skin of the drum, tuned lower than normal, taking advantage of being able to walk around studio or installation spaces with the instrument. Erek acquired the drum from a Roma musician, proceeding to play it in private for years where he developed this new textural approach, integrating the instrument into his A Room of Rhythms installation piece at Istanbul Biennial, 2015.

Cevdet Erek: Davul

Heal Cevdet Erek
Flow 1 Cevdet Erek
Flow 2 Cevdet Erek
Prepare Cevdet Erek
Kirast Cevdet Erek
Walnut Interlude Cevdet Erek
Dicycles Cevdet Erek

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