Far Away So Close

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San Fran rave loyalist Chelsea Faith aka Cherushii centered her 2nd EP around its title track, which feels like some Balearic brunch dream-jam floating in the ether off the pier of a Mediterranean isle – swooping coastlines, seagulls, liquid sky sax (courtesy of jazz multi-instrumentalist Marcia Miget), sex surfer acid. Loop it and lose yourself. The record’s other three cuts stake her map across varied terrains, from psychedelic catwalks (“Set You Free”) to sensual moonlight (“Nightsteps”) to peak hour DJ booths (“Sweet Spot”). Far Away So Close finds Faith at her freest and most focused, glitter in her eyes and the dancefloor in her fingers. Music for bodies in motion, no matter the ocean.

In SILK label sleeves designed by Spencer Longo. Mastered by Eric Hanson.

Cherushii: Far Away So Close

Far Away So Close Cherushii
Set You Free Cherushii
Nightsteps Cherushii
Sweet Spot Cherushii

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