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First time LP pressing of Canaris, previously available only as a self-released CD from CHRIS BROKAW (COME, CODEINE, THE NEW YEAR). Six songs of solo acoustic guitar, at times augmented by controlled feedback, including a cover of VLAD TEPES' "Drink The Poetry Of Celtic Disciple." Remastered for vinyl at The Chicago Mastering Service. Exclusive liner notes from WLAD DRAKKSTEIN (aka Vlad Tepes) and STEVE LOWENTHAL (Black Editions, VDSQ, Swingset magazine). Features new cover art by BILL WEHMAN.

Chris Brokaw: Canaris

Exemptive Chris Brokaw
Drink The Poetry Of Celtic Disciple Chris Brokaw
Watching The Clouds Chris Brokaw
Sanguinary Chris Brokaw
Canaris Chris Brokaw
Exempted Chris Brokaw

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