Pharaoh Overlord

Sige Records SIGE 040 MC
  • MC : Ltd. to 50 copies, letterpress packaging, hand stamped & numbered.
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Circle’s Pharaoh Overlord is bound to contest all speculations you ever heard of these savant ritualists. What’s clear is that Pharaoh Overlord means the intrusion of the namesake of this album into Circle.

It is a forest of fire. Their self-possessed purge from self-referentiality, oddly enough, intensifies the paradox-ridden spree with which Circle have ignited the very building blocks of the band itself into fiction that is ever leaking out into reality-infested horizons surrounding the voluptuous standstill of the vortex of music that is Circle’s Pharaoh Overlord. Horns and vocal chants hover like a hail storm above the stabbed soil of murky beats. This is epic experimental rock that will condense any impulse or mundane logic into pure inevitability.

On “Pharaoh Overlord”, Circle explore the smouldering terrain of their kindred spirits to find the means of transgressing the border of parallel existence with their idols (that is, Pharaoh Overlord) with the intent of merging into one abstract entity of sonic flesh. There is no sobriety like loss of identity.

SIGE Records/Ektro Records 2015. Edition of 50 copies. Custom letterpress packaging, hand stamped & numbered.

Circle: Pharaoh Overlord

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