Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Leaf Label BAY031LP
  • LP+CD: 2016 Re-Issue
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The debut full-length from Parisian songstress CECILE SCHOTT. Thirteen mesmerizing, naive and delicate instrumentals filled with warmth, melody, and soul, played on broken music box, glockenspiel, and guitar. The songs are equally playful and melancholy, and always entrancing.

Colleen: Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Everyone Alive Wants Answers Colleen
Ritournelle Colleen
Carry-Cot Colleen
Your Heart On Your Sleeve Colleen
Goodbye Sunshine Colleen
One Night And It's Gone Colleen
Long Live Mice In The Metro Colleen
I Was Deep In A Dream And I Didn't Know It Colleen
Babies Colleen
Sometimes On A Happy Cloud Colleen
A Swimming Pool Down The Railway Track Colleen
In The Train With No Lights Colleen
Nice And Simple Colleen

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