Slow Flow Rec WW1003
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As Concern, Gordon Ashworth has explored drone music through an inspection of the textural components of acoustic instruments and recording processes. On Cæsarean the palette presented is a singularly precise one. Using simple sources (piano, clarinet, banjo, shrutti box, and acoustic guitar), tape processing (1/4” and cassette), and reverberation, Ashworth crafts delicate tape music through transforming repetitions and obscured fidelity. The emotional and physical presence of Cæsarean is overwhelming; sounding simultaneously natural and alien. The instrumentation and field recordings are both stripped of their defining characteristics; creating a balance between the harmonic characters of both, a pure transformation empty of excess and desire. Time held in suspension. Released on compact disc by Slow Flow (Japan).

Concern: Caesarean

Discrete Memorial Concern 9'50''
Mending Concern 7'31''
From Warmth and From Violence Concern 16'46''
Immersed in Envy, Porous With For Concern 33'51''
Leaving Gold Concern 8'37''

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