Coastal Vudutronic Voyage (Beguiling Isles)

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Coastal Vudutronic Voyage is the solo work of Grant Corum from the psychedelic troupe Million Brazilians. The tunes are flush with humid atmospherics, flickering twilight synth lines and ancient rhythms ingrained with an experimental fervor befitting of its spiritual voyage. It’s a heavy listen to be sure, simultaneously rooted in sublime worldly travels, sweat lodge visions and unheard alien soundscapes. Look inward and dig deep into Coastal Vudutronic Voyage’s lush drift.

Corum: Coastal Vudutronic Voyage (Beguiling Isles)

Fugu Poison Lodge Messengers (Welcoming Song) Corum
Grand Vudu Staircase: i. Dark Paradise Lookout / ii. Coastal Mutations Cruise / iii. Sea Beast Channel (featuring Tropical Biome Harpies) Corum
Neptune Egg Capsule Tide Riders Corum
Giant Clam Tango in the Conch Roost Corum
Aquatic Medusae Racing Arena Corum
Jurassic Byways Corum
Lava Tube Exploration Phosphorescent Worm Callers Corum
Emerald Rays into Deepwater Horizon Corum

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