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Captured in the depth of a Minnesota winter in a room equipped with two grand pianos, CRYSTAL MYSLAJEK produced the six track opus that is Circadia. Circadia is a contemplative, intuitive and luminous album of slowly unfurling arrangements for piano, voice, bass, drums and modular synthesizer. Myslajek (formerly of ethereal art-rock trio BRUTE HEART) is a Minneapolis-based performer and composer. Her compositions blend haunting vocals with minimalist classical piano, punctuated by bowed and plucked double bass, and sparse percussion. The sweeps and tones of a modular synthesizer articulates the colors already present in this modern achievement of musical production. Featuring LIZ DRAPER (double bass), CHRIS HEPOLA (percussion and piano), and JOHN MARKS (modular synthesizer).

Crystal Myslajek: Circadia

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