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DJ Katapila makes Ga traditional music using electronic sounds instead of live percussion to create his own kind of what he calls house music.

Ishmael Abbey was born in the dense and historic seaside neighborhood Jamestown in Accra, Ghana in 1973. Growing up at ground zero of Ga ethnic tradition and culture during a lively period, his childhood was spent playing football on the beach, rolling down hills on makeshift sleds and attending school. Ishmael was active in drama and participated in school gyama groups (chanting, drumming and dancing ensembles, often performing at sporting events).

DJ Katapila: Trotro

Sakawa DJ Katapila
Trotro DJ Katapila
Cocoawra DJ Katapila
Nkran Dokunu DJ Katapila
Lalokat DJ Katapila
Ice-Inc DJ Katapila
Zoomlion DJ Katapila
Trotro (Instrumental) DJ Katapila
Cocoawra (Angel) DJ Katapila

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