DJ Sports

Modern Species

Firecracker FIREC023
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Whacked out from the whisky soaked bristles of Firecracker HQ, the Danish DonDaDa DJ Sports (he of Regelbau and Help Recordings fame) offers up a maiden LP of vast and varied sonic states. Get set for solid rave aesthetics aplenty - the double pack’s journey trudges over a musical milieu of broke-beaten, ambient driven house and techno, melancholy junglist and dubwise downtempo. One foot in the past, one foot in the future and killing the present - a perfect and timely addition to the Firecracker canon.

DJ Sports: Modern Species

World A DJ Sports
Stellar Clusters DJ Sports
Fertile Crescent DJ Sports
Entry Mode DJ Sports
Parallax DJ Sports
Ascension DJ Sports
For Real For You DJ Sports
Reluctant Memory DJ Sports

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