DVA Damas

Clear Cut

Downwards DNSDVA03
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Since their eponymous arrival in 2010, L.A.’s DVA Damas have emerged as the most distinctive players on Downwards’ new wave of techno mutants.
Clear Cut leads on from their sought-after Wet Vision (2015) 12” for Downwards America to farther stake out and crenellate their own grubby mound in the no-mans-land between post punk pop and industrial techno.

Tooled up with asphyxiating bass pressure and camouflaged in stringently minimal-yet- rudely physical electronics, the four songs on Clear Cut embody the spirit of all-night, ‘phet-charged techno raving; keeping your heart rate high but your head ice cool with an unswerving intent matched by ascetically measured production levels.

The sullen, ætheric swagger of Clear Cut carves up from the front, placing Taylor Burch’s gaunt vocal in acres of warehouse space for 10 minutes of surgically cut, bleedin’ tech ’n roll marking up one of the strongest in their catalogue, whereas the panting, auto-erotic phyxations of Do I Dub sutures the wound with sheer bass pressure alone.

In The Clear opens the B-side with a stylus troubling sub-bass (set your weights right and don’t come crying) moulded into a dead-eyed, grinding come-on sounding like HTRK in heat, and Clear Cut reappears in a truncated Radio Edit upping the techno canter and condensing the vox for closer, cocksure effect.

DVA Damas: Clear Cut

Clear Cut DVA Damas
Do I (dub) DVA Damas
In The Clear DVA Damas
Clear Cut (radio edit) DVA Damas

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