Damon Wild

Cosmic Path

Infrastructure New York INF-CD 003
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Damon Wild and David Sumner (aka Function’s) relationship dates back to 1991 at Lord Michael’s Future Shock, Limelight, New York City – when Damon was running EXperimental Records via Northcott Productions. At the time, he first saw something in Dave and added him to Brand X, a record pool run by Moneypenny. But their bond is based around a period 5 years later when Dave had an apartment above Rogue Music at 251 West 30th Street in Midtown, Manhattan. It was during this time Damon developed him as a Synewave artist and released his first EP as Function in the Fall of 1996 – catalog number; SW-24. Falling in and out of touch over the years, across continents, the two have somehow remained on the same cosmic path. So it’s not a coincidence that now Damon has turned to Dave to release his first album in 13 years, during the time he is reissuing that first “Synewave EP” on “Recompiled I/II & II/II” (A-TON LP02/03).
This is where those paths cross again…
21 years later, this Fall, Dave will release “Cosmic Path” on Infrastructure.
The cosmic connection.

Damon Wild: Cosmic Path

1242 Damon Wild
Aquarius Damon Wild
Red Damon Wild
Distant Carrier Damon Wild
Mars Lander Damon Wild
Sparse Damon Wild
Start Point Damon Wild
Barritones Damon Wild
Amber Damon Wild
Light Damon Wild
Responder Damon Wild
Space Race Damon Wild
Unstable Space Damon Wild
Dining On Jupiter Damon Wild
Fridays Orbit Damon Wild

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