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Morpheus is a work of ambient-industrial electro-acoustic tape music composed in the late 1980s. It was made on a Tascam 244 cassette four-track with synthesizers, electric guitars, field recordings, found sounds, piano, and cello. The release circulated in international cassette underground networks via artist-run distributors and stores such as Staalplaat (Netherlands), Gen Ken's The Generator (USA), If Bwana's Sound of Pig (USA), Front de l'Est (France), and through artist-to-artist mail exchange. Originally self-released in January 1987, Morpheus was scheduled as CD on Plague Recordings in 2007 (20 year anniversary) but SABAM imbroglio spoiled the fun. Better late than never the CD will see the light of day late March/early April in an edition of 200 numbered copies housed in a digipak. The sound has been discreetly upgraded without overly affecting the (lo-fi & hissy) charms of the DIY eighties.

Dan Joseph is a free-lance composer based in New York City. He began his career as a drummer in the vibrant punk scene of his native Washington, DC. During the late 1980s, he was active in the experimental tape music underground, producing ambient-industrial works for independent labels in the U.S. and abroad. He spent the ‘90s in California where he studied at CalArts and Mills College. His principal teachers include Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran and Mel Powell. Equally influential where his studies with Terry Riley during several workshops in California and Colorado. As an artist who embraces the musical multiplicity of our time, Dan works simultaneously in a variety of media and contexts, including instrumental chamber music, free improvisation, and various forms of electronica and sound art.

Dan Joseph: Morpheus

Morpheus 1 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 2 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 3 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 4 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 5 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 6 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 7 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 8 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 9 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 10 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 11 Dan Joseph
Morpheus 12 Dan Joseph
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