David Shrigley

Worried Noodles

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David Shrigley: Worried Noodles

Welcome Singer Roger Ferguson 36''
One Christopher Francis 2'55''
Blackcurrant Jam Grizzly Bear 4'41''
Live In Fear R. Stevie Moore 2'13''
Whatcha Doin`? Phil Elverum 3'01''
Maybe Scarlet Well 2'13''
Sad Song Psapp 3'16''
Your Hands Are Cold Aidan Moffat & The Best Of's 2'09''
I Saw You Yacht 3'26''
Prince Of Wales Simon Bookish 3'36''
You,dog (aka Kidz Are So Small) Deerhof 1'59''
Baby's Bible Hank 3'16''
Sweet Sweet Potato Mariott 1262 (TV On The Radio Portland Chapter) 1'58''
For You David Byrne 3'19''
The Wodden Floor James Chadwick 1'54''
Joy Islands 2'49''
A Sentimental Song Cotton Candy 2'22''
No Franz Ferdinand 3'00''
The Hole Alig Folder 4'08''
Elaine Cibelle 2'43''
Come Forward Dirty Projectors 4'16''
Show Me The Way Things Work The Curtains 2'45''
A Truce Max Tundra 2'23''
Squirrel Munch Munch 2'19''
Panic Button Liars 2'19''
A Clash Of Heads Tussle (feat. David Shrigley) 6'09''
The Film Trans Am 3'46''
A Song John Shankie 1'06''
The Bell Scout Niblett 2'38''
Joys Final Fantasy 2'34''
A Sentimental Song Mt. Eerie 2'40''
Once I Found A Diamond The Dead Science 40''
Maybe Lord Cut Glass 2'48''
Another Song No Kids 2'24''
No Hot Chip 3'02''
The Pretty Girl Casiotone For The Painfully Alone 1'07''
Awesome Mitch Friedman 1'34''
Elaine Bombay I 2'20''
Manager And Coordinator Of Prostitutes Les Georges Leningrad 3'46''
Us David Shrigley 40''

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