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DAVID VASSALOTTI, a Florida-based songwriter and performer for critically acclaimed 4AD signees MERCHANDISE (amongst numerous other projects), has used this record as an opportunity to delve further into his own diverse world of personal interests. Broken Rope is a passion project, with Vassalotti handling all of the writing, performing, recording, production, and art design. From lo-fi guitar pop sounds, to elements harsh industrial noise and musique concrete, Vassalotti weaves together a wide array of musical influences with a steady hand. Similarly, the album’s lyrics draw from Portuguese history, Russian folklore, & Spanish poetry.

David Vassalotti: Broken Rope

The Trouble With Being Born David Vassalotti
Lady Day Redux David Vassalotti
Drawn & Quartered David Vassalotti
Ines De Castro David Vassalotti
Sarah Sings David Vassalotti
The Dogs David Vassalotti
The Zahir David Vassalotti
Maly Kitezh David Vassalotti
Bolshoy Kitezh David Vassalotti
Broken Rope David Vassalotti

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