Dawn Mok

Eternal Love

Dial Dial 034 CD
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Felix Mura's project 'Dawn Mok' manages to balance between sonic research and R&B. 'Eternal Love' can be listened as a collage as well as a slightly detuned pop album. A gentle affair, not classifiable at all. This was mixed by Ville Haimala aka Renaissance Man and mastered by Rashad Becker (Pan Recordings). You should not miss this soulful surprise from Berlin.

Dawn Mok: Eternal Love

Untitled Dawn Mok
Downpour Dawn Mok
What We Came to Be Dawn Mok
You Ended Up Being All I Know Dawn Mok
Like Thoughts or Moments We'll Fall Dawn Mok
Fade Dawn Mok
(Interlude I) Dawn Mok
End Dawn Mok
Daze Dawn Mok
Still With You Dawn Mok
Fade Down, You're My Evidence Dawn Mok
(Interlude II) Dawn Mok
(Interlude III) Dawn Mok
Time Dawn Mok
(Hidden Track) Dawn Mok

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