Dead Rider

Crew Licks

Drag City DC683LP
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Call Dead Rider. The beat is lode-bearing, brick-house solid (courtesy of batterie-man Matt Espy), but flexible, breathing. In through the cracks come stuttered words and whispers, the pealing of a steel drum, a squalling sax or two, barks from the outside. Crew foreman Todd Rittmann twines them with a cabling of acid-base guitar licks, cutting down into the roots for fingerings to invert and extend. The basslines roll and crush, bounce and squish as required (thank you, White Christmas!), bringing synth and synthesis into and away from the framework.

Dead Rider: Crew Licks

Grand Mal Blues Dead Rider
Ramble On Rose Dead Rider
The Listing Dead Rider
The Ideal Dead Rider
The Floating Dagger Dead Rider
Too Cruise Dead Rider
(Title Redacted) Dead Rider
Bad Humours Dead Rider
When I Was Frankenstein's Dead Rider

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