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"Recalling the eerie, haunted ambience of Angelo Badalamenti/Julee Cruise's Twin Peaks soundtrack, Stereolab/Broadcast's experimental vision of 50s lounge muzak/exotica and French 60s pop, or the narcotic country-noir of Mazzy Star." - The Guardian // It's 1932 and Danish film director Carl Theodor is making a movie of a grim tale for both French and German audiences.

To get over the language barrier he decides to have the majority of dialogue on silent movie title cards.

Imagine the scene, you're sleepy, you're in a strange house, you doze. Inevitably you're lured to a castle, you open a package, it's a book about horrific demons called vampyrs.

The castle is manned by servants - there are also two sisters (one with bite wounds, the other in a trance-like stupor), a doctor and an old woman complete the cast.

There's a blood transfusion to save one of the sisters followed by a dream like sequence where you're buried alive.

It's a cliff hanger, we'll leave it there. Some 70 years later, what's needed is a band to play live on Halloween at the Fantastisk Filmfestival, Lunds Stadsteater.

Death And Vanilla: Vampyr

Vampyr, Pt 1 Death And Vanilla
Vampyr, Pt 2 Death And Vanilla
Vampyr, Pt 3 Death And Vanilla
Vampyr, Pt 4 Death And Vanilla
Vampyr Rehersals Death And Vanilla

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