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  • 2CD: Jewel-Case Version
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It's been almost a year since Demdike Stare finished their "Tryptych" of releases, and in the intervening months Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty have been busy touring and gradually piecing together sounds for this new series: Elemental. After four limited edition vinyl installments, Elemental is now released as a 2CD album, including different versions of tracks that have appeared on the vinyl editions, plus extensive additional material - making for a two-hour trip through dark, post-industrial terrain. Mastered and cut at D&M, the packaging features specially commissioned artwork by Andy Votel.

Demdike Stare: Elemental

Erosion of Mediocrity Demdike Stare 7'09''
Nuance Demdike Stare 7'41''
Kommunion (Alternate Version) Demdike Stare 8'28''
We Have Already Died Demdike Stare 7'04''
Dasein Demdike Stare 6'24''
Shade Demdike Stare 3'20''
Mnemosyne Demdike Stare 5'24''
All This Is Ours (Sunrise) Demdike Stare 7'16''
Ishmael's Intent Demdike Stare 7'23''
Falling Of The Edge (Alternate Version) Demdike Stare 10'24''
New Use For Old Circuits Demdike Stare 5'04''
Metamorphosis Demdike Stare 6'50''
Unction (Alternate Version) Demdike Stare 5'04''
In The Wake Of Chronos (Alternate Version) Demdike Stare 5'52''
Violetta Demdike Stare 6'40''
Floor Stairwell Demdike Stare 3'47''
Dauerlinie Demdike Stare 5'37''
Mephisto's Lament Demdike Stare 5'23''

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