Denzel & Huhn

Time Is A Good Thing

City Centre Offices Towerblock CD 009
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The process of deconstruction began with the "Filet" EP that we released back in the spring of 2001, looped-out segments of perfection chopped up and re-arranged in an organic, ever-evolving manner. The album reached us in completed form exactly a year later, a myriad of ideas pieced together with a love of both the minimal aesthetic and the warmth of full soundscaping. The result was highly unusual and complex, a tower of understatement masterminded by two members who back in the day belonged to a musical collective that eventually turned into To Rococo Rot and Tarwater.

Denzel & Huhn: Time Is A Good Thing

Chicago Denzel & Huhn 3'40''
Alto Denzel & Huhn 3'43''
Coend Denzel & Huhn 4'38''
A 54 Denzel & Huhn 6'32''
Kinogat Denzel & Huhn 5'44''
Ehe Denzel & Huhn 4'54''
Melight Denzel & Huhn 4'28''
Shaffel Denzel & Huhn 5'41''
Rebirthsample Denzel & Huhn 2'03''
Rye Denzel & Huhn 3'26''
Faller Denzel & Huhn 5'58''
Konide Denzel & Huhn 3'16''
Cotier Denzel & Huhn 4'52''

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