Dick Diver

Melbourne, Florida

Trouble In Mind TIM089LP
  • LP: Includes download
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DICK DIVER managed to avoid the “sophomore slump” with their 2013 album Calendar Days (Chapter Music) and look to perfect a “three-peat” with their 3rd album Melbourne, Florida, which hums with a strident assurance, buoyed by the benefit of the band’s four talented songwriters whose singular voices sit comfortably beside each other in the albums 12 tracks. If Dick Diver weren’t already leading the pack of new-school Australian pop (as their ranks include members of TOTAL CONTROL, UV RACE, LOWER PLENTY, and BOOMGATES) then Melbourne, Florida is sure to put them in the pole-position.

Dick Diver: Melbourne, Florida

Waste The Alphabet Dick River
Year In Pictures Dick River
Leftovers Dick River
Beat Me Up (Talk To A Counsellor) Dick River
Resist Dick River
Percentage Points Dick River
Competition Dick River
Private Number Dick River
Tearing The Posters Down Dick River
Boomer Class Dick River
Blue Time Dick River
View From A Shakey Ladder Dick River

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