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When Martin Hossbach asked Dirk von Lowtzow whether he was interested in covering a song of Hossbach’s favourite English pop group, Pet Shop Boys, he immediately said yes. Von Lowtzow chose »I Want a Dog«, the b-side of »Rent«, also featured in an epic Frankie Knuckles remix on the album
»Introspective« (1988) (whose inner sleeve showed Pet Shop Boys holding dogs). »And what about Neil Young?« »Sure, Martin! But you choose!« No sooner said than done, Hossbach decided that it would also have to be a song about animals. He went for »Beautiful Bluebird« from »Chrome Dreams 2« (2007). Both songs were recorded and produced by Moses Schneider. The dog on the cover is drawn by von Lowtzow himself, the artwork is by Will Bankhead, Honest Jon’s graphic designer who also runs the labels The Trilogy Tapes and Hingefinger.

Dirk Von Lowtzow: I Want A Dog

I Want A Dog Dirk Von Lowtzow
Beautiful Bluebird Dirk Von Lowtzow

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