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Badlands is the debut vinyl album from Dirty Beaches, a one-man project out of Montreal via Hawaii, China, Taiwan and a bunch of other disparate locales. Part cassette-culture Elvis, part Alan Vega alienator, this guy’s doing for rockabilly what Ariel Pink did for funk-pop nostalgia. Received an 8.2 rating from Pitchfork.
“Badlands is about a man who is possessed by the road. My mother used to say to me, ‘You walk at night often enough, sooner or later you’ll run into a ghost.’ I think it’s very true, as the devil comes in all forms. Just here to fuck your shit up. Side A is all bangers, with songs about leaving, being chased on the road and driving a burning car into oblivion. Side B is ballads and dirges laced with murder and lament.” —Alex Zhang Hungtai

Dirty Beaches: Badlands

Speedway King Dirty Beaches 3'31''
Horses Dirty Beaches 4'09''
Sweet 17 Dirty Beaches 3'26''
A Hundred Highways Dirty Beaches 4'43''
True Blue Dirty Beaches 2'53''
Lord Knows Best Dirty Beaches 3'25''
Black Nylon Dirty Beaches 2'52''
Hotel Dirty Beaches 2'02''

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